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We cultivate community for personal and professional growth using various forms of media.

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We love partnering with those who share the same mission so we can make big changes together. Hire us for a brand consultation for business, online course creation, online community creation, or publishing. We also do websites, apps, and course development on a selective basis.

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For Young Audiences


Callling Extra


In turn-of-the-century New York City, young Elsie Lutz must face life alone after her father's wrongful imprisonment. Her odds change when she meets Grin, a mysterious teenage newsboy with a kind heart. Together, they get caught up in the exhilarating newsboy strike of 1899. Through challenges and setbacks, Elsie discovers the power of her voice as she attempts to free her father and help her new friends.

Three girls around a campfire

Camp Bonfire


Grappling with the absence of her late mother and her father's newfound readiness to move on, 12-year-old Amelia is mystically transported back to the summer of 1998. At the very camp her mother once attended, Amelia embarks on a heartwarming journey befriending the young version of her mother and embracing the rite of passage into womanhood.

Spiritual & Religious

Hagios Study App

The Hagios Study Mobile App


A series of Bible studies on a completely free mobile app designed for you to study scripture through the eyes of men and women who devoted their lives to living for God.

The Beatitudes and Francis of Assisi book

The Hagios Study Series


The Hagios Bible Study Series couples a Scripture passage with the life of a radical and faithful Christian from Church history to examine the way they lived out God's call in response to his Word.

Business & Education

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WP Care Market


Training and community that supports and guides website professionals on how to build recurring revenue through care and support.

The Revenue Relationship book

The Revenue Relationship


The Revenue Relationship is an innovative approach to building recurring revenue in your web agency. Using the CORE methodology, this book will help you transform your business by optimizing your client relationships. The CORE principles, which stand for Care, Optimize, Redesign, and Evolve, work together to create a sustainable and valuable business that provides predictable monthly income and allows you to focus on what you love.